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The most reliable supplier of galvanising services in Croatia

We perform surface treatment by hot dip galvanization that belongs to the most modern trends in the field of corrosion protection of steel structures.

We offer quality steel tubes covered with three-layer polyethylene coating – that are used mainly as storage tubes for distribution of natural gas, prophanbuthan and liquid.

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The firm Adriacink is a member of the SIGNUM Group, which ranks among the significant European industrial subjects.

Which companies are members of the SIGNUM Group?

First, companies which provide hot-dip galvanising services - in Croatia Adriacink, in Slovakia SIGNUM -SK and Fezin and in the Czech Republic SIGNUM, which also manufactures steel structures for important construction projects all over the world. In 2015, Elektrovod Žilina - one of the biggest European manufacturers of lattice steel pylons for power transmission - became member of our Signum family. Together with Elektrovod, we have also been joined by the German company ELV Mastbau and the Norwegian company ELV Jarlso. In spring 2015 SIGNUM opened one of the largest European Aqua Parks in Poreč, Croatia called Aquacolors.