Three-layer polyethylene coating for steel pipes

ideal protection for underground gas and liquid steel piping

4 reasons why you should order a three-layer coating with us


Pipes will be coated with three layers of polyethylene; as a result, they will have the same properties as plastic and will practically function in the ground for an unlimited period of time.

This service is unique, we make it in our factory in the Czech Republic.

Polyethylene coating is the most reliable anti-corrosive protection of pipes, which are laid underground.

We galvanise pipes of diameter 18 - 133 mm.

How do they work?

Jak funguje třívrstvé povlakování

Steel pipes coated with three-layer plastic insulation are primarily designed for gas and liquid piping. In the gas industry, they are used for gas supply piping up to a working pressure of 6.3 MPa and for propane/butane piping. 

First of all, the steel pipe is shot-blasted to remove scales and impurities. Then it is heated up to 250°C, and subsequently wrapped with a layer of epoxy and adhesive. Next it is coated with a 2-3 mm thick layer of polyethylene. The surface of this polyethylene coating is smooth, and the depth of any irregularities or notches does not exceed the permissible limit for deviation in coating thicknes.

Available production capacities and information


Three-layer coating is made at our plant in Moravský Písek, Czech Republic. The surface quality of the three-layer polyethylene coating is checked with 25 kV high voltage and covers 100 % of the surface. The quality of the three-layer polyethylene coating satisfies the applicable test method requirements (DIN 30 670 and Czech test methods).

Třívrstvé povlakování - technologické zázemí


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